As we observe at the outset:

IT sourcing finds itself at the converging nexus of cloud solutions and infrastructure, procurement, risk, privacy, and information security—and the disintegration of traditional silos of technology roles and responsibilities.

In today's IT world, the effective sourcing professional is no longer a specialist, but a "jack of all trades." For sourcing to be relevant, it must add value throughout the supplier lifecycle. There is no longer a luxury of time for explanations as part of hand-offs—today's sourcing professional must bring a deep technological understanding to the table to hit the ground running, to be prepared for business requirements drive-by's—not only preparing RFPs but making sense of the requirements they contain, and recognizing when information is missing or contradictory, whether the client's or supplier's.

Our own technology background spans operating systems to global IT management responsibilities. We have conducted RFPs and negotiated SOWs and MSAs for everything from interactive educational mathematics materials with boutique suppliers to enterprise T&E solutions to launching new customer service centers.

We are ready to assist you anywhere in the supplier lifecycle. Our particular skills include internal social media, presentations, spreadsheets—including our own tools for comparative data aggregation, and leading edge practices in customer satisfaction surveys.

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