At face value, multi-sourcing seeks to achieve the same benefits as any (out)sourcing arrangement.

Active governance model aligns and links client and supplier metrics and goals. From our presentation. ©PJV
  • Reduce costs
  • Augment capabilities
  • Improve service quality
  • Cut time to market
  • Focus internal resources on business priorities
  • Accelerate growth

Multisourcing brings together sourcing best practices under one roof.

  • A comprehensive strategy linking and integrating sourcing with long term business goals and objectives.
  • A governance framework supporting sourcing strategy implementation.
  • Developing client-supplier relationships, internal ("right sourcing") and external, and building a network of relationships.
  • Developing metrics which align client and supplier goals to promote successful outcomes.

It also promotes a more disciplined and deeper involvement beyond the supplier lifecycle:

  • understand client market dynamics, and how that affects sourcing no and in the future
  • develop competency managing offshore relationships and associated risk, privacy, and security
  • engender a sourcing culture which resists "tactical" outsourcing and promotes a structured approach:
    • understand what you wish to achieve through outsourcing: cost or operational improvements? next-generation solutions?
    • determine how best to achieve sourcing goals: internal, external, mixed?
    • align goals and delivery models: custom? standard? domestic? international?

Hopefully we've prompted you to consider your technology sourcing practices from a more strategic perspective, one which also acknowledges the value of your supplier partners.

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