There are more than enough books and courses on global procurement, IT service management, and everything in-between. Accordingly, our focus is more on lessons learned. We ourselves have, in the past, proven the aphorism: "You can lead a horse to water, but you can't make it drink"—among the oldest proverbs in the English language (1175). However, learning difficult lessons for ourselves demands a luxury of time we can no longer afford in this era of accelerating technological change and shrinking time-to-market.

Our best and most succinct advice on outsourcing? At a minimum, avoid the two worst offences we've personally encountered, trying to "stick" the supplier with:

  • fixing broken business processes;
  • assuming hidden costs they will only discover after signing the contract.

We do have some more thoughts to offer on the necessity of mutual viability in outsourcing relationships. View our presentation slides below, or download the Powerpoint deck for animations. Our accompanying white paper, Outcomes Based IT Services Contracts: Viability and Success Through Partnership is available HERE PDF

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1| (Title)

2| Abstract

3| Stereotypical Outsourcing Success

4| Outsourced Services Expectation Gap

5| Challenge of Service Metrics

6| Measurements Define the Relationship

7| Managed Services Model

8| Active Governance Model

9| Lessons Learned

10| The Partnership Challenge

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