very revolution in technology has an “inflection” point, when the rate of change turns exponential, leaving old ways behind forever.

Smartphones are overtaking PCs in internet traffic.[1] Custom prostheses can now be 3D-printed on demand. We immerse individuals in a 360° reality—a technology waiting only for its “Orson Welles,” its first master story-teller. In 1970’s chip technology, today’s iWatch would be four feet tall, three feet wide, and a foot thick.

Delving into the technology we employ in business, we are no longer chained to needing our own infrastructure and support personnel, our own applications developers and maintainers. One can now contract for computing power and storage in the cloud, purchase cloud-based solutions and business domain-specific plug-ins and bolt-ons to interact with our suppliers, produce our products, run our business, engage our customers. Multiple major IT vendors now offer "follow the sun" infrastructure, support, and development services.

Today’s technologist is equal parts creator and orchestrator.

And the key to successful orchestration? Identifying, gathering, contracting all the components, whether solutions or services, whether human or machine.

IT sourcing finds itself at the converging nexus of cloud solutions and infrastructure, procurement, risk, privacy, and information security—and the disintegration of traditional silos of technology roles and responsibilities. Once pigeonholed as just another class of goods procurement or spurned as a dark art commoditizing jobs and shipping them off-shore to low-cost just-skilled-enough providers—our own view when we first encountered low-cost offshore coder farms back in the late 1980's—IT sourcing has evolved into an essential discipline at the very heart of the digital enterprise.

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[1]Smartphones generated 46% of all internet traffic in 2016, per Cisco.

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